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Sometimes we don't want to write, we don't want to paint, we don't want to take pictures...sometimes we get stuck and don't know what to do for fun anymore.When life gets glum and leaves you feeling lost and consumed by your thoughts, worries etc. one can find themselves loosing motivation, failing to see the beauty of life. Now this obviously isn't the answer to resolving one's concerns...but I thought it would be nice to put the idea of recreating something new out of the old out there. Sometimes we buy things to fill a void, to make us feel better, but the feeling is always temporary. Instead of spending it can be quite the interesting turnout to create something ourselves. Either something that inspired us and we know with just a little effort we can transform our former into something similar, or something completely different! One doesn't even need to have a set idea, just go with the flow and let your mind take you into a fun and therapeutic mode of being. It might just leave you feeling proud and inspired.

Some ideas to get you started can be found on the following websites:

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