Poetry Makes the Heart Sing

Poetry can be a good way to tap into the emotions one is currently feeling. When all seems to be boiling up inside and journaling is just not something you want to do at the moment, maybe poetry can lend a helping hand. We can all play with words, we can all create poetry. The point is not to try an attain perfection or make each line rhyme, but rather have your unique expression come through. Poetry can spark imagination, it can both heal and lead into something that will help take away focus from the current thoughts that trouble you. I do not mean "take away" in the sense of blocking out the emotions, we all know that doesn't work, and for those who think it does...it will catch up to you. What I actually mean is that what fees like a block out is unconsciously being worked on through the use of this exercise; it is in-directly associated with that which impedes your thoughts, thus healing one's wounds. One can be as creative as they choose- having soothing music playing in the background, creating a painting out of your poem or a dance, creating a poem book etc. Be as free as you want, let your body and soul loose...let them dance and sing the song of poetry.

Remember that writing can reveal things deeply buried in your unconscious, but don't over think it, just write. Poetry of course is just one form of writing, journaling is a fantastic way to uncover your thoughts as well. One can also choose to write in the form of music lyrics or through the creation of a blog. Explore the possibilities and you may come to discover some newfound talents!

~Crafting the raw material gives a shape and purpose to life, base metal is turned to gold.

In poetry, anything goes on paper.

All the rules that apply in waking life are thrown out the window.

A writer can capture an entire generation or era in a single line of poetry.

Poetry can cover emotion, history, relationships, logic, learning, and a myriad other things.

Poetry has no bounds, like the universe or love.

Poetry has limitations in traditions, but in theory there are no rules.

Poetry can be a way of communicating with God, or any other religious entity in the world's myriad of belief systems.

Poetry is a universal form of connection with other minds.

Poetry is divine.

Poetry is a way to communicate, self express, differentiate, unify, self-assert.

Poetry has no city limits, like the universe or love.

Poetry is succinct, charged, compact, and usually laced with intoxicating concepts.

I have provided links into the world of poetry, enjoy! :)





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