Need more ~ing in your life?

In her hip self-transformational book Add More ~ing To Your Life, motivational speaker and life coach Gabrielle Bernstein truly shows you how to make happiness a way of life. Ms. Bernstein is bringing happy back.

The ~ing Equation is designed to bulldoze negative thought patterns and create positive change, achieving through affirmations, physical activity, and meditation. It will sharpen ones intuitive senses and activate untapped inspiration. The author’s methodology is a sure-fire way to guide readers to“get out of their own way” and start loving—and fully living— life. The unique inclusion of physical activity helps readers to shift the way their body responds to their minds. Each activity offers an opportunity for the reader to experience a state of flow that cannot be accessed idly sitting in front of their computer screen. Anything but a dry, how-to manual, Add More ing to Your Life is a fun, hip guide for a new generation. Gabrielle will prepare you to change your life by accessing a state of “flow” helping you connect with your~ing (inner guide)- readying you to release your limiting beliefs and to choose happiness.

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Gabrielle Berstein is a great example of someone who incorporates both body and soul practices to her daily life. Having gone through a great deal herself, she was left to look inward, transforming both mentally and physically into someone who can now give back and help others. She lives as a guide, mentor, and inspirational speaker and really is truly amazing! I have been in contact with Gabrielle myself and really can't find the words to express her kindness and willingness to reach out. I have posted a video clip below which will help you better grasp all the ramifications that go into the -ing equation. Definitely check it out, and the website of course which offers tons of info, discussions, events, issues, and various other videos! Oh even job opportunities hehe. And pick up the book, you won't regret it! :)

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